Rafael Alvarez & David Simon

David Simon is the creator of the critically-acclaimed TV series The Wire.  Canongate published the book Homicide, on which the TV series was based.

We created The Wire Weekender, a virtual ‘box set binge’, with the finale being the unseen episode from the new series.  This was followed by a Q&A with David and Wire actors Dominic West, Clarke Peters and Idris Elba.  The event sold out in under an hour, and generated a second wave of publicity for the book.

We also flew over Donnie Andrews – the real ‘Omar’ from The Wire –for a Book Slam Homicide special, where he and David talked about the reality behind the TV series.

“Angela not only tapped into the Wire fans, but also ensured the book was at the heart of the campaign.  The campaign was authentic, which she knew was important to us, and I had great fun working with her.  She can come to Baltimore anytime!”

- David Simon