Ella Berthoud & Susan Elderkin

​The Novel Cure is a 'bibliotherapy' manual, which prescribes novels for a wide range of ailments.

Authors Susan and Ella had set up a bibliotherapy service with the School of Life five years before the book was published, and it was time to bring bibliotherapy to a wider audience.

From the summer before September publication to the end of the year, we sent Susan and Ella to festivals across the UK in their Novel Cure ambulance to offer their unique service. These included Latitude, Wilderness, Cheltenham, Cambridge and Wimbledon. The tour was supported with a website which offered customers the chance to get personal recommendations and sign up for one to one sessions through the School of Life.

On publication, we partnered with Foyles to offer the bibliotherapy sessions to their customers in their stores, with a discount offer on the book and the prescribed novel.

The book was featured across the broadsheets and women's magazine's and in 2014 Susan and Ella became columnists for the Independent magazine, prescribing a book for a topical ailment each week.

“Jaz’s vision, enthusiasm and hard work established The Novel Cure not only as a much-talked about book, but also as an ongoing brand.  Angela and Jaz’s events are always interesting and well executed.” 


- Ella Berthoud, co-author of The Novel Cure.