The Novel Cure is medical handbook with a difference: a dictionary of literary remedies for any of life’s ailments.

Authors Susan and Ella had set up a bibliotherapy service with the School of Life before the book was published, and it was time to bring bibliotherapy to a wider audience.

We sent Susan and Ella to festivals across the UK in a Novel Cure branded ambulance in which they prescribed books for a wide range of conditions. Together they reached thousands of readers and increased their social media following by 300%. 


The campaign also featured a consumer-facing website where customers could sign up for personal recommendations, a partnership with Foyles offering in-store bibliotherapy sessions and a wide-reaching media campaign including a new column in The Independent Magazine.


“Jaz’s vision, enthusiasm and hard work established The Novel Cure not only as a much-talked about book, but also as an ongoing brand.  Angela and Jaz’s events are always interesting and well executed.” 

- Ella Berthoud