Simon Mayo & Mark Kermode

Born from a one-off event at which Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode opened up their 'film surgery' to prescribe movies to the audience, The Movie Doctors provides a film recommendation for any occasion, as well as dissecting the movies themselves.


To support publication, Simon and Mark performed their Movie Doctors show in twelve cities across the UK where they prescribed movies to audiences of 500+ at each event, selling over 2000 books.

Jaz worked with Mark and Simon’s live agent to organise the tour as well as securing multiple local broadcast and print interviews in each city. This was supported by a social media campaign where questions from the audience were generated ahead of the event, with a number of people chosen to be 'examined' live on stage.

Jaz also ran the publicity campaign for the book, managing Simon and Mark's schedules to fit around their broadcasting contracts.  Highlights included BBC's The One Show, This Week, BBC Radio 2 Steve Wright, Shortlist and The Observer.