Ray Winstone

While at Canongate we managed the campaign for Ray Winstone’s autobiography Young Winstone.

Ray was keen to focus on his young life and his working class roots, rather than his celebrity lifestyle.  To reflect this we developed a campaign which told the story of Ray’s early years and his influences.

We launched the book at the BFI with a screening of Saturday Night Sunday Morning, the film which inspired Ray to become an actor.  The screening was followed by a Q&A with Ray and Jason Solomon.  

We partnered with Picturehouse Cinemas across the UK to screen Winstone’s first film Scum, followed by a Q&A hosted by BBC and Guardian film critic Danny Leigh

We ensured the coverage focused on the content of the book, describing Winstone’s young life and the story of growing up in the East End of London.  This opened the book up to a wider readership and paved the way for the second instalment